On The Authenticity of The Feminine Portraits of the Moghul School By Ordhendra C. Gangoly

On The Authenticity Of The Feminine Portraits of The Moghul School. By Ordhendra C. Gangoly in RUPAM. Number 33- 34. January to April, 1928. The portrait painters of the Moghul school have bequeathed to us a shining gallery of Beautiful Women, pictured in exquisite little miniatures, in which are recorded all…

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Some Images of Brahma of The Chola Period By Ordhendra C. Gangoly

SOME IMAGES OF BRAMHA OF THE CHOLA PERIOD. By Ordhendra C. Gangoly in RUPAM. Number 35-36, July-October, 1928.   ВRAMHA, the first member of the Hindu Trinity to be clearly distinguished from Bramhâ, the all-pervading Eternal Spirit, is regarded as the Creator of the Worlds, of which the other members…

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